Beginners Guide to Golf: Terms and Etiquettes

Are you new to the world of golf? Or maybe you’re curious about the game but don’t know much about it yet? No matter where you’re at in your golf journey, it’s always good to know about the basic terms and etiquette.

 There are several important terms and etiquette to consider in the game of golf ranging from dress code to punctuality to terminology. Birdies and bows discuss some of the most important terms and etiquettes in this article.

Golf Terminology

 The one thing that’s unique to golf? The language! But no worries, it’s fairly easy to pick up. Here’s a list of terms you should know.

  • Ace- a hole in one
  • Fore- when a ball is coming towards you, and could possibly hit you
  • Backswing- the initial section of the swing
  • Birdie- a score of one stroke less
  • Caddy- the golfer’s assistant
  • Even par- when the golfer’s score is the same as the courses


    One of the biggest golf etiquette rules? Show up on time!

     A tee time is the scheduled time for your group to tee off on the first tee, tee times are calculated to allow for a specific number of minutes between groups and some courses may not let you go out if you miss it by 4-5 minutes.

     So be sure to arrive earlier than your scheduled tee time.

    Arrive with enough time to:

    -park the car

    -use the restroom

    -get your clubs and bag ready

     -practice at the range


    Dress Code on the Golf Course

    You may have noticed that there are a set of rules around the dress code on the course.

     The typical dress code for women includes:

    -a skirt, golf skort, shorts or pants

    -a golf shirt with a collar

     The typical dress code for men includes:

    -knee-length shorts or golf pants

    -a collared shirt

    Remember, you can always call ahead to ask about the dress code.


    Pace of Play

    The pace of play doesn’t refer to how fast you can win a board game. The pace of play is the speed at which you move through the course.

     You should constantly be moving ahead towards the next hole. How do you make sure you’re doing this? Just keep up with the group in front of you.

    But if there’s no group in front of you just keep in mind that a typical round of 18 holes should take about 4 hours. And 9 holes should take about 2 hours.

    Volume Levels

    Golf isn’t football! Although you may occasionally hear some cheering on the green, golf is a very quiet and respectful game.

     So when is it a no-no to be talking?

    • During someone’s golf shot
    • When someone is setting up to hit their ball
    • During someone’s practice swings


    Even though golf etiquette can be daunting, no one expects you to know it all in the beginning. You’ll start to catch on and it will eventually become second nature.

    Just remember to show up on time, dress appropriately, stay quiet, and keep the pace of play. You’ll be a pro in no time.