Golf Equipment and Accessories

What equipment and accessories do you need when golfing? Here is birdies and bows list of what you absolutely have to bring with you to the course.

Golf Clubs

You can’t play golf without golf clubs. Well, maybe you can, but we’ve yet to see anyone do it successfully. 

A complete set of golf clubs usually includes:

  • The driver
  • Fairway woods
  • Irons
  • Hybrid clubs
  • Wedges
  • The putter

This will be the first purchase you make when you decide to start golfing, so make sure you take some time picking out the right clubs. And remember, they don’t have to be brand new. A used set works perfectly fine.

Golf Balls

There is a wide variety of balls on the market. The three main categories of balls are called:

  • Two-piece- these balls have a hardcover and solid inner core. These balls are great for beginners

  • Multi-layered- these balls have a liquid or solid core, and a softer cover that is designed for higher spin rates. 

  •  High-performance- these balls have a high-spin capability and distance. These balls are also less durable and are quite costly.

Golf Tees

You need tees to play golf, there’s no way around it.  

Tees come in a variety of lengths and materials though so don’t be afraid to try out a few until you find your favorite. 

Once you find the tees you love, don't be afraid to buy them in bulk!

Golf Bag

You have your necessary equipment now, great! So where do you put it all? A golf bag!

There are plenty of golf bags on the market, some low-cost bags with basic amenities and others with a higher price tag and intricate designs Here are some features to look for when shopping for your next bag:

  • Ample room for storage
  • hooks 
  • A comfortable strap
  • The correct weight

Safety Items

Many people grab their golf bag but forget to fill it with the obvious safety items they’ll need for a long day out in the summer heat. These include:

  • Blister tape for hand blisters
  • A water bottle for hydration
  • Sunscreen for protection from the heat
  • A first-aid kit (you’ll never know when you might need it)
  •  Bug spray

The Right Clothes

We dig into this much deeper in other articles, but the right clothes are essential. At the very minimum you need:

  • Golf gloves
  • Golf pants
  • Golf shoes
  • Golf hat
  • Golf Skort

Miscellaneous Accessories:

There are a few other things you’ll want to bring with you when you go golfing that don’t necessarily fit into a specific category. These include:

  • An umbrella for the rain
  • A towel (or more than one towel if it’s a really hot day)
  • Chapstick (you’ll thank us later for reminding you about this one)
  • Ball markers (coins will work if you don’t want to purchase these)

There is a host of equipment out on the market ranging from practice tools to video devices for recording your swing. While they can be helpful, many aren’t necessary.  

Listed above are the essentials when it comes to the game of golf. So don’t leave home without them!