Women’s Golf Clothes: Best Golf Apparel For Women In 2021

There are wardrobe staples that a female golf player should simply never be without. And thankfully, every year better versions of these staples come on the market! So, what is the best women’s golf apparel for 2021? Here is a brief guide from birdies and bows

Functional Skorts

Skorts are making a comeback, and they are better than ever. 

Here’s what to look for when shopping for a skort in 2021:

  • moisture-wicking technology
  • stretch
  •  flattering patterns

The best skorts offer a range of patterns and colors and have stretchy technical fabric that offers quick-drying abilities.

Comfortable Shoes

There is nothing worse than an uncomfortable pair of golf shoes. But there’s also nothing worse than an outdated, and out of fashion pair of golf shoes. So, what’s a girl to do?

Great news-It’s 2021 so you can have both.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when shopping for a comfortable (and stylish) golf shoe.

  • Are they breathable?
  • Are they waterproof?
  • Is the design going to work well with the rest of your golf clothes?
  • Does it provide good cushioning?
  • Does it have a good grip system?

A Versatile Dress

Golf dresses are newer to the golf world, but they’re here and they’re making a statement. 

Our favorites are golf dresses that can double as casual dresses.

Best of all, most golf dresses-

  • comes with shorts so you can’t see under your dress
  • Have zippered pockets
  • Are extremely comfortable

These are attributes I would be happy to find in any dress!

A Neutral Long Sleeve Top

This truly is a basic staple, everyone needs one, and the options in 2021 are endless. 

Here’s why you should consider investing in a higher-end top:

  • They offer sun protection 
  • They go with absolutely everything
  • They are practical on and off the course
  • They act as a layer of warmth in colder weather

A Quality Pair of Golf Socks

A good pair of socks is almost as important as a good pair of shoes.

Here’s what a great pair of golf socks can do for you:

  • They can alleviate pain in your feet 
  • They can contribute to better performance 
  • They can allow you to have a better focus on the game

a good pair of golf socks should have the following

  •  good wicking abilities
  • Material that is able to keep your feet warm on cold days 
  • Material that is able to absorb perspiration immediately. 

Pay attention to the material in particular, as this is key. Here are a few common materials compared below.

Merino Wool



Durable and soft 

great absorber of moisture 


resistant to odors and shrinkage

Can get heavy with perspiration and deters your performance. 

not ideal for hot and humid climates.

Has the ability to absorb water which is almost 30% of its weight 

Comfortable and budget-friendly 

dry fast

You have to feel comfortable and confident to truly enjoy a game of golf. Thankfully, in 2021 there are no problems finding ample options that help you do just that. Happy golfing!