Golf - Bottoms

A growing number of women are pursuing golf than ever before.  While the fairway is not for ramp walks, Birdies and Bows presents a great variety of women’s golf skorts that not just look cool but are comfortable too.

Whether it is a bright sunny day or chilly mornings, find figure-flattering, cute golf skirts with pulsating prints to wear on and off the course at our online golf store, based out of Lexington, KY.

Play the backswing or perfect your putt, these exquisitely designed golf bottoms allow your complete freedom to swing your arms and legs freely without feeling awkward.

Men like to dress up smart and casual on the course, so can women with our golf skirts and apparel online. Pair it with our trendy golf tops and jackets and you are ready for the game!

Why are our Golf Skorts for Women the Best?

We believe in making women feel confident and beautiful even when they are playing sports. Our range of fashionable golf skorts can help you become the envy of the group in no time.

  • Protection from the heat

    The flowing skirt with built-in shorts are designed to help you play golf in perceived temperatures over 25°C

  • Freedom of movement

    The shorts built-in to this skirt allow you to hit swing with ease. They aid in playing a smooth and hassle-free game.

  • Moisture management

    The moisture wicking fabric of the cute golf skorts is what makes women choose them time and again.

Frequently Asked Questions

They are made of lightweight, durable, and UPF 30+ polyester fabric that has moisture-wicking properties to keep you fresh and cool all the time, especially on hot and humid days.

Yes, without any doubt. They are a popular and in-trend apparel choice for women on the golf course.  Our golf skirts come with three side pleats, have hip and rear pockets with undershorts and grippers to keep them in place.  They can play shots and move around without feeling uncomfortable.

Skirts are a great option but length is one factor that concerns the wearer and other golfers on the course. Some golf clubs and courses however may show reservations over the skirt length.

So check with yours about their golf dress codes.

Generally, golf skirts should be between 14-18 inches. Most golf courses maintain strict dress-codes and may not allow short skirts for women fearing that it may expose their bottom while playing shots or moving around. It is better to be sure than sorry; confirm the golf dress codes before you get ready.

The skirt’s fabric is UV protected and is rated Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) 30. It blocks 29 out of 30 units of UV rays (both UVB and UVA) from penetrating into your skin. Fabric with 30 to 49 UPF is generally considered great in terms of comprehensive sun protection. Do not fear the UV rays with our sun-protected golf skirts for women.

Yes. In fact, golf skirts ought to have shorts underneath. Whether you are bending down or it’s a windy day, it is important for golfers to play their shots and move around without worrying about their bottom poking out.

It is the need of the game and at Birdies and Bows, you can be assured of the perfect golf skirts and apparel to wear on the course.

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